What Is Event Blogging? – What You Needed To Know

What exactly is event blogging? Event blogging, also known as blog casting, is a way to share information about events on the web in a way that’s interactive and more personal than the average blog. It combines audio commentary with text-based content to let the audience participate in the event itself and share their own thoughts and experiences. You can always read to know about 501words Blogging.

How does one start an event blog?

Event blogging, also called webcast blogging, is a great way to share events on the web in a personal way. Event blogs, blogcast blogs, diaries or webcast feed journals, corporate events, event feeds, or virtual event feed sites are web sites that feature constantly updating records, images, video, text, or both about current or upcoming events. You can read about how to start a blog here.

What are some events where event blogging can be used?

Events that can be shared on event blog sites include wedding receptions, conferences, trade shows, sales presentations, product launches, training seminars, meetings and sales events, school fairs, and sporting events, just to name a few. There are many ways to share events, so it’s important to explore all your options before jumping into blogging.

Why do I need to start an event blog?

One of the biggest advantages of blogging about events is that you can post about a variety of topics and create blogs that are uniquely yours and unique to you and your event. When creating event blog posts, try to keep the content relevant to the event itself, and avoid general information about the event that isn’t related to the event itself.

How do I find out if there are events in my area?

The best way to get notified about upcoming events is to keep your eye on local events and conferences. Many people who have attended conference or event-related events often send a thank you note for a list of upcoming events they plan to attend and for a blog that keeps them informed.

Once I have started an event blog, how do I manage and maintain it?

It’s important to know that event blogging is a long term commitment, but it doesn’t have to be a complex task.
Keep an eye out for blogs with similar themes, events and/or topics. Try to write informative articles that are timely and interesting. It is especially helpful to include links back to your website, or to your company website, as well as to blogs that contain information that pertains to the topic at hand.
If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the work involved, consider hiring a professional to keep your event blog up and running. You can hire an event blogger who writes posts regularly, hosts events, and maintains blogs.

How can event blogs benefit my business?

When someone sees my blog about an upcoming event, it gives them a sense of ownership. This feeling may lead to repeat business, and referrals from other people who see your blog or attend the event. In addition, posting about events can provide new opportunities for me and my business partners to bring in more customers, which results in more money for my bottom line.


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